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Round 10 – President’s Report


Hello everyone and welcome to round 10.

Well if you did not know it is winter you probably do now. WOW, some tough days have brought the weather temperatures down dramatically and our football grounds will be starting to feel a bit heavy.

It is sometimes hard to stay motivated when the days are short and the weather a bit crappy but I always like to think about the fact we are not alone and that it will not be long and Spring will be upon us and the smell of finals in the air. So dig deep over the next few weeks and hopefully the worst will be behind us and the days will be getting longer.

A few weeks ago I wrote and talked about the lack of on-field reportable offences and commended all clubs and players for their actions and behaviour. However, it seems like as we approach the shortest day of the year so has the mood and behaviour on our grounds with several recent reports together with one independent investigation in the process of exploratory interviews and information gathering to enable a recommendation to the Board.

Independent investigations are always sensitive and to a degree difficult for all concerned non more than for our Leagues independent Investigator Stephen Cook. It is fair to say that in my time on the Board Stephen has done a terrific job and delivered a detailed and timely report for all. Some years I forget to thank Stephen for his work but rest assured his work is invaluable and sincerely appreciated by all.

 Whilst on this subject it would be remiss of me if I did not mention the great work our independent tribunal achieves throughout any given season. For many years now Henry Scholtz has been the Chairman and Graeme Hemming the Secretary. Again, a thankless task but one which is necessary from time to time. I should know better than to start quoting numbers without some more facts in front of me but I’m pretty sure Henry will chalk up 200 plus tribunal hearings as Chairman very shortly.

Now for anyone who has attended the tribunal that is a lot of stories of how misdemeanours came about, and I suspect it takes an experienced eye to ask the right questions for the truth of an incident to be unveiled. All I can say is well done Henry you are an asset to our League, and we are all very proud and respectful of the difficult job you have from time to time. On the other hand, Graeme Hemming is only a 4-5 year veteran at the Secretary’s role so I will save my words for when he has done 10 years but in the short term we thank him for his contribution.

In some other exciting news for the league, I am sure many of you would have heard about the success our 17 & Under Interleague Netball girls has at the Vic Association Championships held at Traralgon last weekend. A second recent title for these young ladies which is an outstanding effort and showcases to all that the NGFNL has significant talent in our midst. Well done girls a brilliant display of teamwork and competitive spirit. I am sure these young ladies would like to thank their parents for getting them to training and games and I equally would like echo that sentiment.  I would also like to thank Coach Tracy and her assistants throughout the last few weeks. In fact thank you to all coaches and assistants for all of our Interleague teams a job well done.

It is never easy to get volunteers to put up their hand and help out with interleague teams, but Coach Tracy has been a long term supporter of the NGFNL and these results are something she will cherish for many years to come. If you happen to see Tracy around the Heyfield Netball Courts or any Heyfield game give her a pat on the back and maybe even a quick hug for a tremendous Coaching and Leadership effort. Well done TG.

I had an interesting note from Sale Umpire President David Faulkner during the week complementing the NGFNL on many aspects of our League. However, he also pointed our one issue that think we all need to take onboard and that is some crowd behaviour abuse. We all know this is not part of what makes for a good weekend, and it is certainly something we all have worked hard to stamp out.

Don’t be an innocent bystander, if you see something “say something” let reign in these behavioural traits so that all and sundry can enjoy the venues and games we play. I understand some of you may not be that way inclined, but I implore you that at a minimum you find a club or League official and say something so that together we can address this unacceptable social behaviour.

Please let’s not turn a blind eye lets set a new standard for others to follow.

WOW I am on a roll this week with my report I had better take a quick looks at last week’s results and this week’s games.

Again, last week we had some terrific games and the boys at the Kennel prevailed over TTU which in my eyes was not totally unexpected and I may have mentioned the Bombers would need to head to the Kennel well prepared or they may leave with their tails between their legs. The Jets travelled to the Cattery and headed home with another 4 points in the Bank. The Roo’s showed promise but the Cougars did enough to chalk up another win. The Blues were too strong for the Saints and the Tigers were solid but did not have enough strike power to overcome the Demons on home turf.

This week a lot of eyes will be focused on the Gormandale versus Glengarry clash and despite the recent good form of the Pies together with a weekend rest courtesy of the bye I think this will be a great game. However good form is good form and I still see the Pies getting over the line but it will be close.

TTU will be looking for retribution at the expense of Heyfield but again nor should the Bombers take the Roo’s lightly. Both these teams have great young talent who run like the wind, but the TTU Rec reserve has been known to hold a bit of moisture and this will slow things down a bit. Long and direct would be my advice and whoever makes the best of their opportunities will get the chocolates come 5 pm.

Churchill host the Rosedale Blues and on form together with a home turf advantage it is hard not to see the Cougars banking another 4 points. However, the Blues have heaps of talent and I think are just starting to find a little form. That being said, the Cougars have several options up forward where as the Blues perhaps rely on just a few. The Cougars get the prize at the end of the day but they will not have all their own way.

Finally, the Doggies travel to Jet country with a renewed confidence that anything is possible. Throw caution to the wind and see where the cards fall is what I would say when heading the township of YYN. However how can you dispute the record of the Jets they keep delivering and seem to have multiple strengths all over the park. It is hard to see the Jets losing and I am sure President Sheeky would have words with me if I did not pick the Jets at home so I will stick with that theory.

Have a great game this week and remember if you can help around your club no matter how small and I sure that help will be appreciated.

“Play hard but play fair” Speak soon

David “dirty” Kyle President

2022 Netball Victoria Association Championships


The weather made for very difficult playing conditions throughout the day as Traralgon hosted the 2022 Netball Victoria Association Championships. 

With far from ideal weather conditions, the morning started off freezing, cold and raining, not great for some of the players battling illness.  

This tournament was the chance for all players to be talented identified and an opportunity for all to represent their football netball leagues and local clubs with pride. 

Our girls decked out in the RED & WHITE, did just that!

Congratulations to all the NGFNL teams!

The 15&Under Open team coached by Jess Anderson gained some very impressive wins and the Reserve 15&U team coached by Deb Fox narrowly missing out on a Grand final berth yet again.  Well done to our up and coming junior talent, they are all playing and showing so much improvement over the last few months.

The 17&U Reserve team started out with some tough and close games, unfortunately losing to Warragul Drouin by 1 and drawing with East Gippsland. 

During the tournament they really came together as a unified side, they shone under Libby Nicols guidance as they worked together. They all should be super proud of their efforts!

Each and every girl has improved immensely over the last couple of months.

The 17&Under Open team started out slowly, built as the day progressed, adapted to the weather conditions and played some quality netball throughout the day.  Not only are these girls incredible players to coach and mentor, but they are also incredibly humble and polite people, an absolute pleasure to coach. These girls are determined and disciplined, it was awesome to see them enjoying their netball and playing as a team, they have become wonderful friends even though they come from different clubs.  The camaraderie was evident with the giggling and the laughter during warmups, even though it was icy cold these girls found greatness in each other, trusting of one another.  

During the fierce competition, they managed to come up against Gippsland, yet again and take the win for our proud North Gippsland FNL in the Grand final by 1 goal.

I honestly couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of this great league and be a part of this talented team.

We now look forward to competing in the Finals Day on Sunday 24th July at the State Netball Centre, Melbourne.  

17&Under team after finishing the Grand Final
North Gippsland FNL 11 defeating Gippsland 10
Back L to R:  
Zoe Stothers (Heyfield), Jayde Parsons (Heyfield), Lucy Best (Sale City), Traci Grogan (Coach), Lily Kerrison-Male (Yarram)
Front LtoR:  
Lily Corcoran (Sale City), Charlotte Grogan (Heyfield), Millie Riseley (Heyfield), 
Millie Lamb (Heyfield)   
Absent: Scarlott Morris (Sale City)
NGFNL 17&Under Reserve Team
LtoR: Aleisha Marsh (Sale City), Oakleigh Riley (Churchill), Arlia Whitehead (Rosedale), Madison Beveridge (TTU), Kaylah Komens (Woodside), Kiera Walpole (Woodside), Jorja Owler (TTU), Lilly Collins (Yarram), Libby Nicol (Coach)
NGFNL 15&Under Open Team
Jess Anderson ( Coach), Lilli Stokes (Heyfield), Regan Leeson (Rosedale), Tilly Fox (Rosedale), Lexi Charles (TTU), Remy Grogan (Heyfield), Lily Buckley (TTU), India Dean (Sale City), 
Ashlee Grieve (Churchill), Corrie Dean(Team manager), Maddison Hodgson (Rosedale)       
15&Under Reserve Team
LtoR: April Martens (Heyfield), Maddy Boyd (Gormandale), Matilda Hoogerwerf (TTU), Summah Aitken (TTU), Emily Cruickshank (Heyfield), Alira Robinson (Gormandale), Phoenix Anderson (Heyfield), Chloe Fox (Sale City), 
Absent: Memphis Walton (TTU)