Gordon Bayley

Gordon Bayley

As we all know Gordon is also a Life Member of the NGFNL. His history is long, distinguished and nearly unparalleled.

He started playing at Gormandale in 73 won a SNR B & F in 75 played over 200 games and is also a life member of that club.

Gordon has facilitated the treasurer’s role of both Gormandale and the league.

When the league formed its inaugural Board in 2000 Gordon was an integral part of that process and has since worn the hats of Finance Director, General Manager and today sits as one of our most experienced Directors.

Notwithstanding this, from time to time it can be a bumpy ride and the reality is at times we do have differences of opinion but I think what is important is that I tell you about what you don’t see in record books

Many of the good things people say about our Brand have been conceptualized by Gordon and proactively driven to a conclusion with his intrinsic passion for Brand. For example

  • The recent points system we have today probably would not exist without his dour determination to make it happen. It is well balanced, tangible, flexible and in many ways the only true way to transparently measure equity
  • The relationship our league has with the SUA has been forged on his honesty and integrity with many countless hours of discussions and reporting behind the scenes to address issues raised and in some instances head them off at the pass before becoming critical.
  • Our League Tribunal is held in high esteem and the management of appointing these quality people has largely been successful due to his work
  • The strategic planning and thinking for our Brand is a continuous “work in progress” and he is never without an idea, concept or vision for where we should head or what we should tackle next
  • His ability to bring sound argument and qualified management skills to the Board room is, in my opinion, a key strength for which we all benefit from this attribute.
  • Anzac day clashes, mother’s day, new clubs entering, some clubs leaving, drugs and Alcohol, behavioural issues, policy and procedure, Bi-laws, juniors, seniors, constitutional and contractual he is across it all
  • And finally whilst my history is relatively short in comparison I know of no other who has dedicated a portion of his life with as many paid hours as unpaid hours to Administering and improving our league for the benefit of many others to enjoy.

Gordon Bayley has been and will leave a legacy in many people’s minds as one of the great and long-serving community-based sporting administrators.