TRFM Rising Star

The TRFM Rising Star Award is a great opportunity for young athletes to be recognized for their achievements within the NGFNL competition. This award provides a platform for young players to showcase their skills and abilities, and to be acknowledged for their hard work and dedication to their sport.

By recognizing the rising stars of the NGFNL competition, the TRFM Rising Star Award helps to encourage and inspire young athletes to continue to strive for excellence in their sport. It also highlights the important role that clubs play in developing and nurturing young talent.

The nominee must demonstrate a combination of at least
three (3) of the following criteria.

  • Superior performance that indicates their desire to achieve & play at the highest level within the NGNL in future years.
  • Passion & dedication to their sport & club both on the field/court & off.
    (Examples must be provided via the nomination form)
  • Initiative both off & on the field/court.
    (Examples must be provided via the nomination form)
  • Nomination must be under the age of 21 as at the commencement of round one in that year.
  • Monthly winners can be nominated each month unless selected as a monthly winner.
  • Nominations must be placed by the 7″ day of each month.
  • A player who is suspended during the current season will not be eligible to win the award.
  • Anyone can nominate a player, via your club executive and must be endorsed accordingly.
  • The elected NGFNL panel will have the final say on awarding the monthly recipient & overall winner for the year.