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Round 7 President’s Report


Hello everyone and welcome to round 7.

It is hard to believe that a third of the season is now behind us and it will not be long before the talk in town will be all about finals. However, we cannot get too far in front of ourselves as we must endure what winter has to throw at us first and, in that regard, hopefully, the weather gods will be somewhat kind to us all.

My travels last week were very limited in comparison to a few weeks prior as I unexpectedly found myself headed to the Glengarry Rec reserve to umpire a Senior game of football. I am sure this may have raised a few eyebrows from a few punters in the crowd, but the job got done and I was lucky to be part of a great game of football played in good spirit which the Roo’s ran out eventual winners.

Over on the Glengarry Netball courts, the ladies were not only playing competitive games and keeping the crowd entertained but the lady Magpies were fundraising for Breast Cancer. Congrats to everyone who pitched in to help and nor should we forget to acknowledge those various sponsors who supported the day which culminated in approx $2500 being raised to this worthy cause.

As I left the venue later in the day, I thought to myself what a great job our clubs do when it comes to supporting these types of initiatives. There is not one club in our league that does rise to the occasion when asked and nor is there any club that does not dig deep when required regardless of how tough things might be in the day to day landscape. I can think of many things I love about the NGFNL but examples like this simple fund-raising effort make me proud of those involved and the NGFNL. Everyone at every club should take a moment to pat yourselves on the back for the work they do in these instances. Well done everyone.

During the week I received a phone from a great mate in our Football/Netball community to ask me how I was going and check in on me. He was apologetic he had not contacted me sooner or more regularly and I was just humbled he had made the effort.

Of course, this was totally unexpected but reminded me how simple things can have such a dramatic impact. Mental Health is such a tricky subject but none of us should underestimate the significance of a simple and genuine phone call. I encourage you all to find 10 minutes and ring someone this week who you have not spoken to in a while and check in on them. If nothing else, say hello and ask how they are doing. Don’t think about it or make excuses just do it and know that you have had an impact for the better to someone else within your circle of friends.

The relationship between the SUA and NGFNL has been long, enduring, and fruitful over many years and as I have spoken about many times, we are one of only a handful of leagues in Victoria who have all positions filled on game day by third party officials. But the SUA needs help in recruiting a few resources and I am convinced there are few football loving individuals who perhaps see umpiring as a viable activity in supporting community sport. So, if you are one of those individuals who has ever thought about having a crack at umpiring (Goal, Field or boundary) then I encourage you to get in touch with the SUA and have a go to see if this is something that may fill a void in your Saturday.

In my opinion, past players make great candidates as umpires as they have played the game and appreciate what is required when having a whistle in hand. Again, you may not have thought about umpiring but why don’t you go and then you can tick that box and see what it is like on the others side of the fence. Joining the SUA does not mean anything other than helping them fill positions in the most important aspect of our game. SUA contacts details are in the tagger or give me a call and I point you in the right direction or give you a helping hand.

Whilst on the subject of Umpires the same can probably be said for Netball Umpires. If you have any interest or desire then I implore you to get in touch with your club’s Netball coordinator. There is mentoring available from very experienced League mentors and there are various courses your club and league can offer you to make you better and elevate you through the learnings and grades of Netball Umpiring. Again, if you are interested then put your hand up and have a crack.

In Senior football last week we saw some close games played. As mentioned I was at Glengarry vs Heyfield where the Pies led for the majority of the day but the Roo’s found some inspiration and momentum late on the game to come away victorious and record their first win for the season. The Demons at home had too many options up forward which the Blues could not contain and proved again they are hard to beat on home turf. Churchill set tongues wagging with a solid win over the much talked about YYNFNC Jets and perhaps shows our league is very competitive at the top end. The Saints put up a solid effort, but the Woodside Cats had too much firepower all over the ground. The Tigers were close to recording a second win but could not overcome a gritty Bulldog outfit who snuck over the line for a 5 point victory.

In this week’s round we have some very interesting matches scheduled which I hope will attract good crowds at our respective venues. Sale City host Cowwarr and I get the feeling the Saints are not far away from a win in 2022. However, the Bulldogs always play well on home soil and will be difficult to beat and I have a 50 cent bet either way subject to injuries and COVID related issues.

The Cats host the Cougars, and this should be a cracking game based on current form. Both clubs will be looking to flex their muscles and send a message to everyone on the NGFNL, Hard to pick a winner but I suspect the Cats hold a small home ground advantage in this game.

The Jets will host the TTU bombers who will be fresh from a week’s brake and buoyed with confidence from a good win in round 5 over the Cougars in a night game. However, the Jets will be disappointed with a loss last week and be looking for some redemption at the expense of TTU. The Jets have talent all over the park and the Bombers will need to be at their very best if they are to leave Jets country with another 4 points in the bank.

The Roo’s host the Tigers and again this might be a much closer game than many may think. The Roo’s recorded win number one last week and I was impressed by the young talent this club is again fostering and developing. However, the Tigers were solid last week and will see this game as a genuine opportunity to taste success again. That being said, the Roo’s will not want this game to slip from their grasp and at home I think have some advantages and can continue the positive momentum they have created over the last few weeks.

In the final game, the Blues host the Pies and I think this will be another great game of footy. The Blues have plenty of talent but appear to be playing patchy football and will be a significantly better outfit when they can consistently put 4 quarters together. The Pies, on the other hand, know that when they take the game on and play an aggressive play on at all costs style of football they are a much better team than their performances to date reflect. The trouble is I just don’t know which Magpie team is going to turn up. The Blues may have pencilled in 4 points, but they should not take this game for granted or the Pies will depart with the points and record their second win for the season.

 Well, that’s enough from me, let the sirens sound and good luck to everyone today.

Play hard but play fair.

Speak soon David “dirty” Kyle President

President’s Report – Round 6


Hello everyone and welcome to round 6. Well, it has been a few weeks since I have put pen to paper and there has been no shortage of topics to keep myself and the board busy over the past 4 weeks.

Last Saturday I started the day by heading to the home of JETS for a bit of league business and as usual I was welcomed by those friendly gatekeepers who have a thankless job but one which is extremely important. A few weeks ago, I could not get this venue for the opening of their New Netballs sheds, but I had the opportunity to walk around and see the fruits of their hard work which I am sure all clubs will now enjoy and have the opportunity to share in future weeks and years.

Thereafter I headed to Gordon st Rec reserve at Heyfield to help celebrate the amazing 1000 game achievement and milestone by SUA umpire Peter Perillo. I would like to thank the Heyfield and Yarram FNC’s for the respectful guard of honour as Pete entered the ground. This was a nice symbolic gesture willingly provided by both clubs and players. I think anyone within the NGFNL who has a football interest or involvement would know Pete and that alone is a testament to his longevity and impact on the game within the NGFNL.

In the social rooms after the game and on behalf of all NGFNL Clubs I presented Pete a certificate of appreciation to mark this milestone in his umpiring journey. I suspect there are a few more games in those legs and wonder if a larger milestone like 1500 games is not achievable. Well done, Pete.

My final trek on my Saturday and third venue of the day was to attend the inaugural night game at TTU which was hosting the Churchill Cougars. The weather gods presented a few minor challenges but from all reports, there were some great games and a good outcome was achieved. Both clubs should be congratulated. Despite the competitive games of football and netball the broader objective of the day was to raise awareness and support for charity Quantum which provides support & care across Gippsland to address the needs of community members.  Well done everyone.

I am pleased to say that four out of the first five weeks of competition in the NGFNL have seen zero reportable incidents which is quite unique and reflects significant disciple from all clubs. A couple of indiscretions in round 4 had set penalties accepted and kept us from a faultless start to season 2022. Again, leadership across all levels is the key here and our game is much better for your efforts. Well done and I look forward to seeing what round 6 will deliver on this front.

On Wednesday night 11th May our newly formed junior subcommittee met for the first time to discuss and scope out the project objectives of our under 17 & under 19 plans for 2023. I am encouraged by the positive and proactive thinking which has been part of this of this groups thinking as this topic has been a tricky one to tackle for many various reasons. However, I acknowledge there will be some challenges before the start of 2023 season but in my eyes, despite any challenge we must strive to bridge the age bracket gap, create a pathway for players and parents to gravitate towards which has clarity, purpose and structure. When appropriate I will share further updates as they unfold on this topic with you all.

Even though it is only round 6 the Board is already thinking about our finals series and many decisions which flow from an organization perspective. We know now there will be issues at the Traralgon Rec Reserve which are exacerbated by Latrobe City planned capital works at this venue together with any pending Commonwealth games impact which intend venturing into various parts of Regional Victoria. In 2021 the Board was prepared to hold our Grand Final at Heyfield given their improved facilities specifically around the Netball courts, and this remains a viable option for us to consider in 2022.

From a finals catering perspective, the Board is in the process of re-writing the catering roster as we need to work our 11th Club YYN FNC into that roster and of course we lost some finals catering due to the 2 years of COVID impacts. There is a school of thought that our Grand Final is becoming such a big event and volunteer numbers stretched around most clubs that perhaps it is time for us to rotate a third club into the day’s activities and perhaps even our Preliminary Final becomes a shared event. Should we choose this path then clubs can expect to gain more regular income streams from finals catering than in previous years. Our intention is to table something shortly to our member clubs.

In round 2 I shared the news that the Yarram FNC could not field an 15 and Under Netball team however by Round 4 the club had found enough young ladies to register a team. Unfortunately, COVID and it’s protocols resulted in another forfeit in round 5. I sympathise with the YFNC and all players given the challenging to start to season 2022. I hope the worst is behind them and that from round 6 it is all smooth sailing. Keep your chin up we are thinking of you all.

This week our clubs will receive some information about a new initiative from our Board looking for nominations within our league for the “Un-sung Hero” programme. We will have a May, June, July, and August winner selected from nominations received. Another good initiative to recognize those invaluable volunteers around our league. If you have any ideas, then speak to your club President or Secretary who will have all the finer details about the criteria and nomination process.

I found a few old photos by default one of which was that mark by Stazza from Cowwarr a few years back and this got me thinking that maybe we could create a fun photo competition for us all in 2022. If you are a budding photographer (or happy snapper like Rodders and Fiona to name a couple) then get your gear ready to snap all sorts of photos around our league and send them to our League Admin for judging and display. Hopefully, come finals we will have an impressive photo gallery to pick our inaugural 2022 winner. We are working on a prize pool for the above 2 initiatives but most likely this will in the form of gift vouchers for our respective winners. Anyway, stay tuned to see what these initiatives can deliver to our Brand. I am excited by both.

For a number of weeks now our future stars of Netball have been attending tryouts for the selection of representative teams and to everyone who has participated including parents, coaches and assistants I offer a huge thank you. It is an exciting time to have NGFNL representative teams participate in external competitions. In the Boards eyes, it is well worth the investment. Apart from having the honour of wearing a NGFNL uniform, there are many other side benefits such as playing in a higher level of competition, new friends made and self-development. I have no doubt these young ladies will remember these times for many years to come. Good luck one and all.

Equally on the Football side of our brand we have appointed Robbie Cahill as our Under 18 interleague Coach for 2022. Rob has a passion for junior sport and has coached at a couple of clubs within the NGFNL before work and family necessitated a move away however we are fortunate to have him back. Formal requests for players nominations am will flow into club’s hands during the week and we are hopeful of putting together our strongest possible team for June 29th Carnaval in Morwell. Our league is always looking for assistance and I would like to think we can find a few trainers and alike to assist these young men in preparation for this upcoming event. If you are interested, please let me or our Administration know as it would be appreciated.

I happened to see something in my travels last week that I think is worthy of my time to make an appropriate and notable mention. At the conclusion of the YYNFNC & Cowwarr FNC Under 18 game both clubs came to together to shake hands and offer respectful congratulations, however the Coach of YYNFNC brought all the boys together and made special mention about how the game was played in good spirit and despite the Jets significant victory praised the young Saints for their efforts and encouraged them to keep working hard and listen to their respective coaches. Now despite the passion to win games of football, I think this is a great example of a Coach and Club who sees the bigger picture and I applaud and endorse these actions because from what I saw these young Saints have some talent and I have no doubt will be future stars of the CFNC in future years. Well done everyone.

Well, that’s enough from me as I am onto page 3 but hopefully you have found this update of interest. I wish all teams the best of luck today and I look forward to catching up with some you this weekend.

Play hard but play fair.

Speak soon David “dirty” Kyle President

Shane Morgan plays 300th!


Shane has been playing for Cowwarr football netball club for over 20 years. His career highlight include:

2005 League B&F

2006 Rookie of the year

2006 Senior Premiership

Multiple team of the year player – 2006 & 2012

League Leading Goal kicker

Shane’s grandfather Dave Morgan player for Cowwarr FNC and was club president for several years. His mother was also a Cowwarr netballer for many years.

Part of our Senior playing group and leadership group for the past 10 years.

Netball Victoria Origin Eastern Zone Association Championships 2022


The NGFNL are calling for players in the 15&Under & 17&Under divisions to participate in the Eastern Zone Association Championship Tournament. Sunday 5th June 2022 at Traralgon & District Netball Association.

The NGFNL 15&Under and 17&Under teams will also be competing in the Sale NA tournament before the EZ Ass Championships.

The Netball Victoria Association Championships will be entering its 22nd year of competition in 2022  and provides Victoria’s 180 plus Associations with an opportunity to compete in a high standard of netball in the 15/U & 17/U Divisions. 

The Association Championships are an integral part of the netball pathway for players, coaches, umpires and officials.  
The competition provides important Talent Identification opportunities for all athletes as they continue to develop their skills and play to a high standard of netball during the day. 

Names of those identified athletes will be invited to Zone Academy which may then lead to State Team Programs. 

Trial dates will be Monday 4th, Wednesday 6th & Monday 11th April 2022.

All 15&U and 17&Under Players please register your name, NGFNL club, DOB, email address, two preferred playing positions and netball membership number to 0407 862 018 before Sunday 3rd April 2022.

All details will be sent to club netball delegates and also on the NGFNL Website and Facebook page. 

2022 Season Fixture Released


After yet another disrupted year, the AGL Loy Yang North Gippsland Football Netball League is looking forward to an exciting season in 2022.

The 18 round season officially commences on Saturday 2nd April, with the 2022 Grand Final scheduled for Saturday 10th September 2022.

Download the 2022 AGL Loy Yang NGFNL Season Fixture HERE.

Rep Netball Coaches Needed


The NGFNL are calling for COACHES to lead our 15&Under / 17&Under Divisions.
Coaching applications need to be emailed to

Coaches will need to have a current –
• Development or Foundation (be working towards development) Accreditation
• Working with Children Card

Selections for players wishing to participate in Representative Tournaments will be held in February.

Representative Netball Competitions 2022

Playing in Representative Netball Competition, Junior Netballers will increase the Profile of Netball in the Regional Areas within Victoria and be provided the following opportunities:

• Elite Competition Pathways
• Assist with the Development of Players, Coaches, Umpires and Administrators
• Increase Talent Identification in Regional Communities
• Develop Umpires and Perform Umpire Testing

Finals Decision


This afternoon, the AGL Loy Yang North Gippsland Football Netball League Board of Directors wrote to all clubs to inform them that the unpalatable decision has been made to abandon the 2021 finals series.

From the letter distributed to all clubs.

I am writing to everyone again to continue my openness and transparency from within the Board room and convey some of the decisions and associated rationale. 

You should all know nothing is considered lightly and nor without lengthy periods of consideration and consultancy where appropriate.

We all find ourselves anchored and locked in uncharted waters, and not only are they uncharted waters but with an environment congealed with ongoing uncertainty and with what seems constant directional change from those who govern us above.

The Board understand this drives frustration, and we equally understand that we all crave clarity to enable us to plan and execute outcomes within community sport.

Despite what any other league may be communicating, for which they are rightfully entitled to do, our Board sees many significant challenges to deliver an abridged finals competition. 

  • The current lockdown has been extended by the Andrews government, eradicating at least a further two weeks of ability to return to play, inclusive of time to prepare and train.
  • We understand the Andrews government has indicated and prompted some lifting of restrictions, but this is to be balanced against historic policy implemented after lockdown periods, stated vaccination criteria, and rising active cases in the Victorian community.
  • There is even some public suggestion leaked or otherwise, that should restrictions lift in regional Victoria, they will not include the return to play of community sport. 
  • As I write this note, our league has not played competitive sport for 9 weeks. We can add an additional 2 weeks from what I have mentioned above, let alone AFL Vic recommendation that a 14 day preparation for play should also apply. At what point do we all have an OH&S responsibility but to comply?
  • Player engagement is becoming tricky, and we still do not have a pathway for many players who reside in Melbourne or work interstate the return home and play 
  • Of course, on top of that we should also consider the workforce, volunteers, and umpires behind the scenes. Nothing in that space just happens without planning and effort.
  • Fairness and Equity of all matters in this space has been at the forefront of your Boards mind and throughout our decision-making processes we have been extremely cognizant of this within our final’s series and Brand. How do we balance one scenario against another or one club’s ability to advance against any other participant?

There were several other major decisions decided by the Board, which have become a ramification of making this decision.

  • The league will award a minor Premiership Cup to all teams who finished on top the league ladder after round 11 of the home and away competition. Ironically round 11 also signified the point in our season where every club had played each other once and every club had endured a season bye.
  • NO premiership flag nor premiership medals will be awarded.
  • In our junior competitions we have undefeated teams in under 15 & 17 Netball and under 18 Football and would like to recognize this outstanding achievement by having a minor premier and undefeated medal created for distribution to clubs. As a suggestion these could be handed out at club Presentation and Award nights assuming lockdown restrictions are lifted, and this can occur. A Board member is committed to attending to assist. 
  • From a respect and transparency perspective, all club Presidents who had a participating team in top position as at round 11 will contacted directly to advise this decision prior to any advice to our member clubs and prior to any public announcement 
  • League Best and Fairest awards will be delivered and formalized for season 2021. 
  • The Board intends to pre tape and produce a B & F award ceremony which will be available for download and viewing on AFL Grand Final eve. This will be a succinct version with other league highlights and interviews. Further details will be advised indue course regarding the time of release and access pathways etc.

In conclusion, I trust we all understand most of season 2021 has been a tricky space to navigate and anyone involved in community sport would have been challenged one way or another.

The challenges of getting the gang back together have been immense, the drain on volunteers has been like no other and the support of sponsors at every level has been inspiring and I thank you all.

If there is anything positive to come from this news is that your Board has spoken about, what can we do in 2022 that is different and engaging, what can we do to rebuild the value in community sport.

We now have some extra thinking time to ponder the ideas we already have in the suggestion box.

 So, whilst 2021 did not conclude as we all envisaged, I look forward to season 2022 with renewed enthusiasm.

I have great belief in the extended family of the NGFNL and I know that our brand will remain strong in pursuit of a collective passion for community sport. 

Speak soon 

David Kyle 

Presidents Report – COVID Update & Special Edition


Hello everyone

WOW, what a ride the last 48 hours has been for us all.

Our Board understands the sense of frustration and disappointment many of you have been feeling, and we equally understand how mentally difficult it is for everyone to absorb and adjust to these constant “gear up and gear down” situations caused by these COVID lockdowns.

I admire the strength of you all, I admire how you pull together to overcome adversity and I admire the unity of togetherness we have in our Brand. Those attributes cannot be acquired; they must be manufactured from within, and I am proud of our leaders who take charge in these times, providing a way forward for others to follow. I stand and salute you all.

Of course, many of you will be wondering about the way forward and how is the future likely to unfold and I wanted to share with you all what I can at this point in time.

Firstly, we should all take a few deep breaths and think rationally about what we can control and what we cannot quickly followed by making sure we do not make a knee jerk decision when perhaps given some time, a better one could have been made.

It is our Boards absolute desire to try and deliver a Grand Final to determine our 2021 premier. I have probably been bullish over recent months advocating that one way or the other, we will deliver a premier in 2021 and to a degree, that is absolutely true.

However, I think it is also fair to say that our Board desires, and I think most people would prefer to achieve our 2021 Premier through some level of competition rather than to contemplate handing out a premiership flag without any competition.

Should the latter become our strategy, then any premiership awarded in such fashion will always be tainted in some way about how it was achieved and thus why our lack of enthusiasm for this concept is at the forefront of our minds.

The loss of last weekend’s finals games and the current lockdown for another week or two will present a series of hard-luck stories for many and I fear will also result in another series of hard-luck stories given the timeline for us to complete any finals games has now been severely impacted.

The Board met on Sunday to discuss a number of finals issues with our plan “B” strategy reviewed and recalibrated. But as mentioned above, we desire to give ourselves a few days before making any public and formal announcement to all and sundry.

What I can say here and now is that it would appear we may have only 2 weekends to get some finals action back in vogue however bearing in mind what happened last Friday night and the appetite for governments to lock down the state within several hours and therefore any thinking in that space could quickly diminish to one or none so we must remain fluid and nimble with our decisions.

We held a discussion around catering and agreed this was a frustrating topic but acknowledged the NGFNL catering roster would be rewritten for season 2022 with those clubs who had catering in 2021 at the front of the que in our proposed new roster.

We also believe any catering made available, should we be able to get back playing should be a simple nature meaning maybe a BBQ and a light refreshment station but ultimately, we will leave this decision with the catering club.

It also most likely spectators will again not be part of the equation; however, as previously advised, we intend to LIVE STREAM all action in every game, and we will not waiver from delivering that commitment to everyone.

We have also resolved to move back our league vote count with that date to be advised and aligned to when clubs are allowed to have some sort of reasonable crowd in their social rooms. The league has ordered trophies and medals etc and believes it is worthy of awarding these personal achievement awards. We will advise these details well in advance but equally, acknowledge we have some greater flexibility within this topic when it comes to an event timeline.

The Board acknowledges all the hard work our volunteers have undertaken and endured. Thank you does not seem to be enough, but your dedication and commitment is one of the great strengths within our Brand and therefore I salute you all for holding the line under adversity and really hope we can get a few finals games completed to give you all some sort of reward and validation.

To all sponsors of our league and within our clubs I again say thanks for your ongoing and untiring support in these extremely tough times. From a League perspective and I can share with you all that AGL Loy Yang have been in touch with me with constant regularity admiring the work of our clubs and reassuring us of their support both now and in the future.

This is amazing support, and we should all take some comfort from their words and unparalleled commitment to the NGFNL.

And finally, I wanted to acknowledge the work, commitment, and dedication of my fellow Directors and the Leagues Administration under adversity. Like many of your reading this article they too are volunteers who give up their time to try and deliver a quality product called the NGFNL.

Many praise me for a well-run league but it simply would not happen without our Admin and this fantastic group of Directors.

I will be in touch again before the week is out but, in the meantime, take care and look after your loved ones. Speak soon.

David J Kyle
President NGFNL

Regional Community Sport Cancelled


Tonight we have received a notification from AFL Victoria that following a directive from the Victorian State Government, all community sport across regional Victoria is to be cancelled immediately.

The NGFNL Board will meet over the weekend to discuss the next steps with our finals series.

However, unfortunately, no football or netball this weekend.

Netball Victoria Association Championships


The 17&U and 15&U NGFNL netball representative teams recently competed in the annual Netball Victoria Association Championships at Moe. 

The tournament started in very slippery conditions, which proved difficult for all teams.  The 17&U team were very competitive displaying some great passages of play and their ability to win the ball back defensively was terrific.  The 15&U also worked hard with some closely contested games and executed their set plays well.  One of the highlights for the 15’s was a 10 all draw to eventual runners up West Gippsland League. 

Both teams came away with wins and a draw.  ‘We were so proud of all the players development during training and on the day’ said coaches Paxton Farley, Bec Fromberg and Steph Henley.  “The teams came together very well and we were really impressed with how quickly they learnt new skills and their positive attitudes’.  It has been a great opportunity for players in the league to have the opportunity to experience playing netball at this elite level.

Thank you to umpires Jess Johnson and Claire Harrison for representing the NGFNL.

North Gippsland 15&Under 2021

15 & Under

L to R

Back Row:  Steph Henley (Ass Coach), Aleisha Marsh, Tilly Fox, Ava Melbourne, Ava Devenie, Jorja Landels, Bec Fromberg (Coach), Kiarna Owler (TM)

Front Row: Maddison Hodgson, Kiah Johnson, Arlia Whitehead, Claudia Lee, Jorja Owler

North Gippsland 17&Under 2021

17 & Under

L to R

Back Row: Rikki-Lee Bonnici (Team Manager), Georgia Penaluna, Ella Buckley, Alicia Foley, Jasmine Croft, Oakleigh Riley, Melody Paulet, Ruby Grech, Paxton Farley (Coach).

Front Row: Breeanna Croft, Ella Maguire, Abi Davey.